Rolf Prima employees and Factory Team bring home multiple podiums from the 2014 Beaver Freezer Triathlon

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Race recap by Brian Roddy - Rolf Prima owner...

I’ve done the Beaver Freezer a bunch of times and I find it is always a battle between two laws of physics. This year I found there was a 3rd “law” I had not counted on. The race is the first weekend in April and is sprint distance with a pool swim. It fills within two hours after registration opens in February. You have to be on it to get in.  This year there was a crew of friends, Rolf Prima employees and Rolf Prima team members there. 

When it is cold and rainy, my natural tendency can best be described by the first law of physics that “an object at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force”. The Beaver Freezer is the external motivational force that makes me actually get out there. Unfortunately working against it is another law of physics: “good weather and the Beaver Freezer cannot occupy the same space at the same time”. You can have good weather or the Freezer but not both. This is what makes me hesitate each year right before registering. This year my wife, Carrie, and I decided we were not doing it. Then we learned of the 3rd “law”. We were out of town during registration and in our absence my brother-in-law thought it would be fun and he signed us up. We’re glad he did.

The great thing about the race is that there are serious people and people out to have a good time and we are all cold and wet together. You can go out in full aero kit and pound it or show up with a MTB and pace yourself.  For me at least, my favorite thing about triathlons is the camaraderie amongst participants. Serious racers mixed in with people doing their first tri, all facing the same distance and conditions.

After we all made our excuses about how today might not be a good day, it went well. When it was all said and done, Rolf Prima team members, employees and friends dominated the podium. I think they swept most of the 2nd place awards as well other spots. I, for one, did not podium, but I think I may have placed in the “flat-tire TT back to the car to get a spare” after I flatted 1 mile into the ride.

Great day – loved it and have already put it on the calendar for next year.   If I got the laws of physics wrong, well, it has been a year or two since engineering school…