Race recap by Brian Roddy - Rolf Prima owner...

I’ve never done a team time trial before. As a triathlete, we’re not supposed to be that close to other people on the course and I don’t often ride in a pace line in my aerobars. When our lead engineer, Joel, decided to put together a team I told him I would join if they couldn’t find anyone faster. He asked if my wife, Carrie, was available :).  He got our lead manufacturing engineer, Adam, and our production manager, Larry, together to fill out the four person team. Once I got to thinking about who I was on the team with – all much faster than me - and definitely once we were on the course where I was pumping battery acid through my legs, I was wishing I let Carrie stand in for me.

Conditions could not have been better for the race. Overcast, but dry with a light wind. For the local Tuesday evening time trial there is usually wind from the north and you head into its teeth at the start and then have an easier time coming back in. We had that in our heads as we started out to the north at the start of the 24mi course.  I took the first pull (so that I could at least get one in before they dropped me) and we were clicking early.  Larry, Joel and Adam took monster pulls and we cruised out to the north with only a few bobbles through the curves – not bad considering that Adam and I had never done a TTT before and we never practiced as a full team.

When we turned south at about halfway, we were dismayed at the headwind, but we were catching teams. Other teams were like energy food to Larry and Joel and apparently they were hungry. As more teams came into sight, Larry and Joel started turning the screws and we picked up the tempo. I was lucky to hang on and I had to skip a couple pulls just so I could recover and get the blood out of my eyes. In the end, we finished at a fast steady pace and together as a team.


It was a lot of fun, but I realized I need to get into better shape if I am going to sign up for that again. Maybe next year, they’ll take Carrie instead though.