Race recap by Brian Roddy, Rolf Prima's Owner .. ..

This past weekend, my climbing partner, business partner, and teammate Steve, had this great saying: “don’t let your audacity exceed your capacity”. It is applicable in many sports, but whenever I am riding my mountain bike hard, this is running on repeat through my brain.

Maybe it is the engineer side of me, but the more I think about it, the more I think this really captures the essence of riding single-track. The best days are when your audacity and capacity are evenly matched. I don’t know about you, but when I ride at my limits it sounds like a high pitched, punctuated giggle “ooooo”.  Ride too easy and it is a collective sigh, but on the other hand when my audacity exceeds my capacity it sound more like “thud” and “oh sh*t”.

This past weekend, Mudslinger Events and local eternal energy source, Mike Ripley put on the Oregon 24hr mountain bike race. Rough, windy, wet weather and a long ¾ mile Lemans style start definitely hurt me on the first lap. Though I have been running a lot, the altitude and uphill made it a lung burner to say the least. Once on the bike course, it all started coming together and besides thinking that I really should have trained for this, the mental loop started: “Don’t let your audacity exceed your capacity” with the addition “But get as close as you can get”. So, while I hemorrhaged time on the hills, I hammered the single-track. Man, riding at your limits is fun!  I was racing our new 2016 Alsea MTB wheels which are debuting in October. Wider, lighter, stiffer rims combined with the new rear hub with a faster engagement mechanism, helping increase my audacity and I got dangerously close to capacity. The Alsea wheelset is named after a local trail system spearheaded by Team Dirt and Mike Ripley – yes, the same Mike Ripley (I did say he was a bundle of energy). A flowing set of loops with bumps, berms and jumps, it was one of the test sites for the Alsea wheels, so it was only fitting to name it in Alsea’s honor.

Overall the race was great fun and the Mudslinger team does a such a great job. Thanks for the pancakes! If you have not done this race before, you owe it to yourself to get a team together for next year (or do it solo if you are crazy like our Production Manager - Cary).

And don't forget - “Don’t let your audacity exceed your capacity”