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Brian recaps an unfortunate bike accident just weeks before the start of RAAM.

Well he did not look French so maybe he was just a derailler and not a derailleur. He was nice enough to stop, nice enough to call me, afterwards, and help me get my bike replaced. He did seem like a good guy. Unfortunately, not the best driver – the kind who might skip the vital safety step of looking before turning right on red.

I am still kicking myself. I looked directly at him as I went through the intersection on the green. I saw that he was not looking at me but he was slowing down and I figured he would stop or look at me and then stop. I realized too late that he was not going to stop and he was not going to look my way. Fortunately, my bike took the brunt of it as he t-boned me knocking me into the next lane.

After the adrenaline wore off, I realized I was hurt but not too bad – just some road rash, a bruised thigh and a really sore shoulder. I also decided, even though the people there said otherwise, I really wanted to get out of the road.

Bike damage? The frame broke through the head tube and down tube and chowdered the bars but my Eos3 prototype wheels were fine. Yes, I did check the wheels after I got out of the street.  I did not hit my head but I was not exactly clear headed and I couldn’t figure out why the front wheel would not spin but it turns out broken fork legs will do that.

Body damage? I was lucky. I skipped the ambulance ride and I tried walking it off for a few days but then decided I better get some x-rays of my shoulder to make sure it was nothing too bad. It was a separated shoulder and two broken ribs. Not much to be done for those and the doctor said I could exercise as long as I could tolerate it.

After taking it easy the last two weeks, I can ride without pain. Only 3 weeks left and it looks like I can do my last few big rides. On race day I’ll be on a new bike and probably still a little sore, but I was lucky it was not a big derailment.

Thanks to those that helped me get out of the road and got me settled while we waited for EMS – that was much appreciated.