Look for Mary Beth at Challenge Roth - July 17!

What are you looking forward to most about Challenge Roth?

Challenge Roth has been on my bucket list since I started long distance racing. I'm looking forward to the exciting atmosphere on the bike and run. Ironman is mostly a solitary endeavor, and and I am looking forward to the opportunity to race with some enthusiastic spectators and fellow racers. 

What is a challenge you've faced preparing for this?

I've had a tough start to my 2016. I've been battling persistent and chronic knee pain on the bike and run. In addition, my husband and I sold our house, drove across the country, and bought a new house this May. Finally, on June 8th, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and will be receiving treatments to recover- hopefully in time for Challenge Roth. 

What is your "have to have" when you travel a long distance for an event?

When traveling to another country for a race, of course I need my bike and Rolf Prima race wheels but I also make sure bring any unique parts or bolts that aren't common to all bike brands. My other must haves that don't include wetsuit and shoes for race day are electrical tape, rubber bands, a spare race kit along with extra clothing for a cool race morning, spare goggles, converters for outlets, laptop and any sports nutrition I want to use for race day. My nice to haves is my espresso machine and even nicer is when I can bring my husband along.