Escape from Alcatraz is just around the corner. As the defending champion are you approaching this year differently than last year? Or are you using a similar approach?

I'm actually approaching it just like last year, but for different reasons. I've only been back to running fully for the last few weeks, following an injury a couple months ago, so I feel like I'm once again going into the race just excited to compete and see what my body has to offer. My training approach has been the same as well; lots of hills and focus on fitness.

With pressure to perform well, train well and just over all excel at being a triathlete, how do you like to relax?

I typically have enjoyed working on my hobby; video production, but the last month or so I've been tired enough that my creativity has pretty much dropped off. Instead, I've been working on learning French, so that when I go to Quebec with my girlfriend, Magali, I can be less inconvenient for her friends and family ;)

You’ve been making a lot of videos this season as part of your Viking Life series, has this added an extra aspect to your training? Or does it make training more fun? I mean we in the audience sure have fun watching them.

Videos are my way to tell stories and share my sport with as many people as possible. Each one is a project that I try to learn something new with. It's a really good way for me to process what's going on in my life, while building skills, which is a great feeling. Triathlon training isn't linear, so it's super important to have something outside of training that gives you a little purpose or feeling of self-improvement.

Training can be tricky, especially mixed in with lots of travel. How do you make sure you get your training in? And what items do you make sure to travel with you for better training?

Getting training done is all about being immersed in a process. I look at every day as a work day, where I'm "on" from 8-5 and in that window I'm pretty intense. I love getting in a routine, so I always wake up at 6:30, train at 8:00, train at 11:00, and train at 3:00. When I travel, I just lay out the schedule the night before, so I have that same feeling of just checking off boxes calmly and efficiently throughout the day. I'm not a fan of adjusting plans throughout the day, mostly because it draws my attention to the fact that I still have two workouts to go, emails to send, etc. etc. Staying in the moment and just doing the next thing in front of me keeps me sane!

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