We build the wheels we want to ride. 

Each wheel we hand-build at Rolf Prima starts with a carefully engineered design and the best materials and custom-spec parts. Then we beat the hell out of them.

Machine testing to ensure lasting durability. Aerodynamic testing to reduce drag. Field-testing by riders who might do a quarter-mile faster-than your old Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser.

You could say we thought the process through. But it's not just the process and materials. It's the people we go to work with every day in Eugene, Oregon. 

No, we're not wheel manufacturers. We are all cyclists. We are craftsmen. We are perfectionists. We build the best wheels in the business because we're doing what we love—both in the shop and on the road or trail.  What can we build for you?

US Manufacturing. We build by hand - right here.

We know building wheels by hand is not the fastest way, but we do know its the best way.  Meet the people behind the wheels. Meet all of us.

Bumps in the road? Yes, please.

Sure, we ride hard, but you should see what we do to our wheels in the test lab to ensure they’ll keep rolling for you, too. See how.

We can't drop the engineers.

Our engineers are always testing out new ideas - ways to make our wheels lighter, stronger and faster. Then they drop us on the group rides, using our newest technology. See for yourself.