Nationality: USA, USA!

Hometown: Originally: Pennsburg, Pennsylvania (Now: Boise, Idaho)

First race: Marlton Lakes Sprint Triathlon 2003

Favorite distance: XTERRA (It’s Olympic-ish Distance Triathlon, but off-road)

Career highlight: 2015 XTERRA Season: Two podiums, and 3rd overall in the US Pro Series.

Race wheels: Alsea!  

Nickname: I’m evidently not “cool enough” to have one, and not quite vain enough to give myself one! If I was, I’d probably pick “Bruiser”. Ha!   

Favorite race: Xterra Alabama

Favorite place to train: Boise, Idaho.  That’s why we moved there, but I LOVE exploring new places on the Mountain Bike.  Bend, OR and Park City, UT rank up there in my favorites, at least in the US. 

What I dread about race day: I don’t really enjoy the “anticipation” part of racing.  I try to stay really calm and focused in the days and minutes before a race, but I just want the gun to go off! 

What I always wanted to be when I grew up: A fighter pilot.


If I was a cartoon character I would be: Ha! Ned Flanders maybe?   

If I could have lunch with anyone it would be: President Obama.

My hero is: Anyone who has overcome significant adversity to excel. 

Favorite food: Mixed Teriyaki plate lunch at Rainbow Drive In, Honolulu

Strangest thing I've ever eaten: Durian Fruit.  Wow. I can still taste it.  

If I won the lottery: I can honestly say that I’d be doing the same things I do now…. but I’d train in a better room than my freezing cold shed.   And I’d have a high altitude cabin somewhere in Idaho.

Funniest incident in my life: Complaining I could still smell Durian two days later, but finding it was actually my wet running gear. 

Five things I would need to survive, if left alone on a deserted island: Just a fighter jet, a Durian, A chilidog plate lunch, Ned Flanders and Barack Obama. 

Favorite Movie: Rushmore

My next vacation will be: Surfing (maybe in El Salvador?) in November!