Rolf Prima offers sponsorship opportunities to cycling teams and athletes from the grassroots level to professional for road, triathlon, mountain bike and cyclocross. We have two programs: Grassroot Sponsorship and Factory Team.

Factory Team sponsorship

Factory Team member Guy Crawford at Kona. Visit Guy's profile.

This program is for athletes and training groups looking to form a team or group to race/train and or ride together with. Currently the program is offered within the US only. If you are interested, talk to your training and racing friends and contact us about forming a chapter.

  • Factory Teams will receive sponsored pricing on wheels and team clothing. New chapters require a minimum of 3 team members to start a team.

  • Your one-time membership dues include a full cycling/triathlon kit, accessories, and sponsored pricing on racing and/or training wheel sets. Additional clothing and wheels may be ordered at other times during the year. 
  • Your team name for race registration will be Rolf Prima. Factory Team members must race in Rolf Prima kits and on Rolf Prima wheels.  We offer sponsored pricing so that team members can have clothing and wheels to train with as well as race. 
  • Wheel sets (or other items purchased at sponsored pricing) are forbidden from being sold within 12 months of purchase. Failure to comply will result in being removed from the program.

We receive a large number of sponsorship requests so please follow these guidelines:

  •  All athletes and teams must submit a resume along with a brief statement profiling past cycling accomplishments, event or race results, proposed race schedule and specific product needs. No phone calls please. 
  •  The resume must include complete contact information including name, address, phone and email address. Please email Factory Team applications and questions to:

All of us at Rolf Prima thank you for your interest in our wheels and wish you the best of success in the coming race season.

Ride on.

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