Hero Program

You got them now it’s time to ride them - hard. It bites to be taken down in a crit and its worse if you have to pay to repair your wheels afterwards. The HERO program provides peace of mind damage repair coverage for your Rolf Prima wheels and is available to customers who purchase Rolf Prima wheels from an authorized *US dealer.

The HERO program is a damage protection plan which covers wheel replacement or repairs in the event of damage or crash under normal use.


    - HERO provides protection for two(2) years from date of purchase, limited to one (1) repair per wheel: 1 front & 1 rear
    - Rolf Prima will repair wheels or replace solely at its discretion.
    - HERO does not cover normal wear (such as brake wear or bearings).
    - HERO coverage is non-refundable and non-transferable.
    - HERO does not cover PowerTap hubs or any non-Rolf Prima components.


    - Wheel must have been used in it is intended use.
    - HERO program must be purchased from Rolf Prima or through the shop that sold the wheels. Purchase the HERO Program at the Rolf Prima store. Want to fax in your order? Please use this form and fax to 888-851-3748 with a copy of your wheel purchase receipt.
    - The HERO purchase must be made within 15 days of wheel purchase. No exceptions. Copy of wheel purchase receipt is required. Please email a copy of your receipt to service@rolfprima.com.
    - Once Rolf Prima has received your copy of the original sales receipt of your wheels and payment for the HERO Program, you will receive your HERO number, via email from Rolf Prima.


    - $195 for alloy wheel set
    - $280 for carbon wheel set
    - The cost of shipping to and from Rolf Prima for repair under HERO is the responsibility of the wheel owner.

Process if submitting wheels under the HERO program

    - Download the wheel service form
    - Contact Rolf Prima for an RA# to return your wheel(s)
    - Place the completed wheel service form in the box with your wheel(s) or email a copy to service@rolfprima.com.
    - Include credit card information and shipping address for return shipping and/or any additional purchased items.
    - Send in your wheel and we’ll fix it.


* HERO Program available in the US only.
** Wheels must be returned without tires/tubes/QR’s/ wheel magnets or cassettes. Rolf Prima will not be liable for missing or damaged parts not removed prior to shipping and we will charge $10 to remove cassettes and/or tires.

Rolf Prima Crash Replacement standard cost [per wheel] without HERO:
Front wheel
Rear wheel
TT & TDF models
Ares Models
Vigor / Elan alpha models
Vigor / Elan models (RS, SL & CLS versions)
Cross models - carbon
Cross models - alloy
Echelon SL / Aspin SL models
Echelon / aspin models
Ralos alloy models
Ralos CXC
Track carbon

          Repair Warranty:
          Rolf Prima warrants repair work to be free from defects in material or workmanship for the period of 1 year. Repair Warranty applies only to parts installed as part of repair and does not cover original or existing parts or original labor. Claims for warranty must be accompanied by repair invoice/ reciept and original Wheel Service Form.

        Due to the fact that Rolf Prima cannot know what the history or use of the wheel is at the time of service, Rolf Prima will do it's best to detect damage or wear in the components of the wheel. By sending the Wheel Service Form, signed or un-signed, I understand that some damage may not be detected by Rolf Prima and consequently the wheel could contain undetected damage. I hereby waive all claims against Rolf Prima for failure to detect damage to serviced wheel(s).