news - Important Product Safety Notice – 2003 Vigor - Elan

EUGENE, OR, Jan 6, 2006

Important Product Safety Notice – 2003 Vigor - Elan

Some 2003 Rolf Prima Vigor and Elan rear bicycle wheels (rear wheel only)

Elan - Vigor

Issue: The rear wheel freehub mechanism can malfunction causing no resistance when pedaling. The bicycle rider could lose balance, fall and suffer injuries.

Description: The 2003 Rolf Prima Vigor and Elan wheels were sold in a front and rear wheel set. Only the rear wheel is affected. "Rolf Prima Vigor" or "Rolf Prima Elan" are written on the wheel rim. The wheel models have serial numbers between 03926 and 06586. The serial number is located on the rim, under the yellow rim tape and is not visible from the outside of the wheel. The tire, tube and rim strip must be removed.

The affected wheels were sold at specialty bike shops nationwide from March 2003 through December 2003 for about $850 per set.

Remedy: Contact your local bicycle retailer to have them inspect your wheels to determine if they are affected. If so, the dealer will provide a free replacement freehub body from Rolf Prima.

For additional information, contact Rolf Prima, Inc. at (800) 741-6941 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday or visit

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