Race Recap from Bree Wee:

This will be a quick race wrap up, mostly because a lack of pictures, I'm like a kid, I like pictures. Race week arrived and I was struggling to get into race week mode.  So much focus had been spent on Ironman Texas that Hawaii 70.3 never crossed my mind. Soon after Texas we put Ironman Canada on the map so any sporting thoughts instantly went towards Whistler.  2 days before the race coach told me I can pull out of Hawaii 70.3.  If I'm still feeling the Ironman during the race pull the plug, call it a day, keep recovering from Texas so we can have a good build into Canada.  Honestly, I did not like the thought of not racing at home.  Mike is usually my brain when I struggle to think realistically and reminded me there is only 500 points on the line for Hawaii, 2000 for Canada and risking injury and a lackluster day would maybe be a setback to Canada.  Maybe his Japanese side is better at Math and non emotional thinking than me, I tried to trust his thinking. My heart always overrides every single thing (I know, ridiculously passionate). We made a deal, if he saw me looking like hell out on the race course he would yank me off, I am not good at pulling myself out of races… Read more at....