Rolf’s Ralos CXC is the primo Prima, the company’s lightest mountain wheelset and the only one made from carbon.

The CXC 29 weighs 1,495 grams for the pair, and it’s also available in 650b at 1,460 g for the same price. The alloy Ralos 29 costs half as much and weighs 100 grams more. But, of course, for the dollar savings, you lose the stiffness of the carbon to go with the nearly-quarter-pound weight penalty.

As cross country wheels go, the CXCs are not considered superlight carbon wheels. Rolf Prima instead says they are light enough for racing but strong enough for everyday use. Stronger than a comparable aluminum wheel. In fact they are barely lighter (about 24 grams per wheel) than the WTB Strykers that came with my bike. Yet there seemed to be a much bigger difference in the ride than that negligible 1.6 percent in weight.  Read the full review....