Rolf Prima goes green with new composite lay-up

Eugene, OR – This past November, Oregon voters approved measure 91.  Not only making some Oregonians stoked, but also allowing Eugene based wheel manufacturer, Rolf Prima to explore some new technologies in their rim production.

“In 2013 we started manufacturing our own alloy rims in-house. Continuing with that commitment, this opportunity allowed us to not only work on a whole new composite, but be involved with it from step one.” Said Product Manager, Robert Underhill

The new composite lay-up is a locally sourced material that is now legally grown in Oregon, allowing it to be as local as possible and a very sustainable process. The organic, natural fiber has proven to be 22% stronger than industry standard Kevlar. A process is proprietary, but just like all of Rolf Prima models, this new rim has gone through rigorous testing.

Rolf Prima will be introducing this new composite technology on one of their most popular rim profiles. Based on the Ares4, the all new Ares420 will feature a 42mm rim depth and come in at just 1165g a set.  For now they are only releasing this as disc brake specific, due to concern that heating the rim could emit a vapor causing positive test results within the peloton.

Production of the new Ares420 model is currently underway and shipping from their facility will begin in just a matter of weeks on April 20th.


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