Eugene, OR – Rolf Prima, the hand-built wheel and rim manufacturer has moved their manufacturing and offices to their new purpose-built facility in Eugene, Oregon - about three miles from their previous location. “I think I’m one of the few people who like moving. It’s hectic, but exciting and new.” said Rolf Prima Owner, Brian Roddy.  “When we brought alloy rim manufacturing in-house, we quickly outgrew our previous building. Our new building gives us a lot more space to not only accommodate our growth, but allow us to be efficient at the same time. To compete as a US manufacturer, we need to be dialed.”

The move is now complete as the offices joined production which had moved two weeks prior. “As a small business owner, this is new territory for me as well as for our team. Our dealer network and customers have really supported us and we look at this expansion as part of us doubling down on US manufacturing and making great stuff here at home”,  said Roddy.

Rolf Prima’s headquarters new shipping/mailing address:

940 Wilson St., Eugene, OR 97402