We are athletes. We ride, we run, we ski, we climb and we swim. We believe in a healthy balance and we take advantage of every opportunity that life allows.

We are craftsmen.  Your important ride is as important as our ride. We understand that quality and workmanship matter. By hand-building our wheels with parts that we design, test and manufacture, we can provide our customers with the consistently great experience they expect from us.

We are perfectionists. We are driven by technology and performance, and we focus on making world class wheels for cyclists no matter at what level they ride or race. 

We are teammates. We strive to maintain a supportive and rewarding place to work and it shows in our dedicated service.

We are local. We are committed to our community and the cycling community at large. We show our support through events, volunteering, participation, and cyclevangelism.

We are dedicated. We will always stay true to our customers and to our core beliefs in quality over quantity and purposeful engineering.


Brian Roddy, Owner

Home State: Maryland

Commuter Bike: 1996 LeMond Chamberre

What kind of riding do you do? Road, mountain and triathlon

Favorite food: Donuts

Cat or Dog? 2 cats, 1 dog, not crazy

Most proud accomplishment: Attempting PumoRi in Nepal


Brooke Stehley, Marketing

Home State: Oregon

Commuter bike: Redline 925

What kind of riding do you do? Road, mountain and sometimes a little cross

Favorite word: Catawampus

Favorite brew: Harvester, GF IPA

Hobbies: Riding, gardening, crafts, home improvements

Matt Baumann, Domestic Sales

Home State: Massachusetts

What kind of riding do you do? I ride in cars, planes, trains, boats, but mostly bikes

Cat or dog? Cats, don't tell Griffen (my Corgi)

Favorite brew: PBR, it won that blue ribbon for a reson

Favorite food: Chocolate chip cookies


Kurtis Kekkonen, Wheel builder

Home State: California

Commuter Bike: Felt f80

What kind of riding do you do? road, mountain, commuting

Favorite food: Indian

Favorite brew: Aecht Schlenkerla Eiche

Favorite activity: Riding bikes

Miguel Gothers-Reyes, Wheel builder

Hometown: Northampton, MA

Commuter bike: Bridgestone MB-3

What kind of riding do you do? Bike touring, BMX, mountain, getting from here to there

Favorite movie: They Live

Most proud accomplishment: Building my cargo bike

Hobbies: rock climbing & camping


Joel Wilson, Sr. Engineer

Home State: Oregon

Commuter Bike: seasonal race bike (cross or road), fixie through the winner

What kind of riding do you do? Whatever I think I can get away with, but mostly road due to time constraints

Most proud accomplishment: 3 healthy kids


Pete Moe, Domestic Sales

Home State: Michigan

Commuter bike: Fuji Cross Comp with "full fenders"

What kind of riding do you do? Road, Crit & Cyclocross

Favorite brew: Oakshire Overcast - Espresso Stout

Favorite Song: A Day in the Life - The Beatles


Larry Jackson, Purchaser, Shop lead

Home State: North Carolina

Commuter Bike: Yeti Mtn. Bike & Giant TCR

What kind of riding do you do? Mostly road and some trail

Favorite food: Pizza

Next vacation will be: Next stage race...

Rocky Serna, Wheel builder

Home State: Oregon

Commuter bike: 2002 Specialized S-Works "Red"

What kind of riding do you do? Road, BMX dirt jump

Most proud accomplishment: Being a dad, building grotto trails, barrio trails & Kory Laos memorial freestyle park

Favorite word: Handmade


Adam Ward, Engineer

Home State: Wisconsin

Commuter bike: LeMond Poprad

What kind of riding do you do? All of the above

Favorite word: Syzygy

Favorite movie: The Princess Bride

Favorite activity: It's a toss-up between napping and eating


Erica South, International Sales

Home State: Oregon (formative years in CO & CA)

What kind of riding do you do? Roadie first, but dirt is good.  Most often its a trip to the grocery store with a 30lbs kid

Favorite word: Boobytrap

Favorite activity: Summer = climbing & cycling, Winter = skiing and maybe some cyclocross

Alan Cline, Customer care & Factory Team

Hometown: Somewhere in the deep south

Commuter bike: Co-Motion Nor'Wester.  All my bikes are Co-Motions

What Kind of riding do you do? Road, with lots of climbing in the south hills of Eugene, gravel roads and mountain biking

Favorite word: Chatoyance

Cary Adams, Wheel builder

Home State: Oregon

Commuter bike: Specialized Sequoia

What kind of riding do you do? I mainly race cyclocross, but I do a lot of recreational road and mountain biking

Favorite donut: Maple Bar

Cat or Dog: Neither, too much mess