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Training Tips:

"No matter what level, take your wife/spouse/SO's events or activities as serious as yours. Watch the kids, schedule massages, etc... If your family gets support from you for their interests, you'll get more support for your racing."
Chris Boudreaux - Pro Triathlete

"Be very focused in training...cover all your bases, analyze, try to be perfect. But when you get to the race, you have to let it all go and just accept the day. It's a very tough balance, but the best advice I have."
Chris Boudreaux - Pro Triathlete

"Want to be a stronger cyclist and/or runner? Hills, hills, hills."
Erich Wegscheider - Pro Triathlete

"Stay consistent with training and focus on efforts more than volume. I train a lot through the winter months and do not worry about the volume of my training, since it's nearly impossible to do 15+ hr weeks consistently. I focus on intensity and consistency to keep the training stress score high and then work on some endurance when it allows if it's even needed. For most of us, if you are doing consistent rides of 1.5hrs -2hrs with some sort of interval workout inside that time frame 2-3 days a week, unless you are doing 5hr road races on the weekend, you will have more than enough fitness for most types of events and this type of training can easily be done inside during the fall/winter months for cross on a trainer."
Tristan Schouten - Pro Mountain bike (Working Mans Pro)

"Warm-up! Run, sprint, use stretch cords, many people do zero warm-up, then jump in the water and go. Leads to panic, anxiety, plus you just won't perform as well. "
Chris Boudreaux - Pro Triathlete

So many people do zero warm-up, then jump in the water and go. Leads to panic, anxiety, plus you just won’t perform as well
— Chris Boudreaux, Pro Triathlete

Racing Tips:

"The day before a race I close my eyes and for 60-secs "I go through my entire race." So I pretend I'm on the start line and I mental note everything I need. Swim cap, goggles, wetsuit, tri suit, anti-chaft, race belt, and timing band.

Then I go through this into T1... Bike, Helmet, glasses, water bottles, salt tablets, gels, cycling shoes, rubber band for shoes.

Then once again for T2... Running shoes, hat , salt and small flask filled with gels. Once I get to the end, I check that's what I laid out in front of me, pack it and put it at the front door ready for race morning when the brain is functionalist sub optimally."
Guy Crawford - Pro Triathlete


Triathlon Tips:

"Yes....Swim with your race kit under your wetsuit! Lycra doesn't hold water, it will dry quickly once you are on the run and save you lots of time in transition! "
Kate Bevilaqua - Pro Triathlete


Equipment Tips:

"Spray and Wash, and I can't emphasize this enough. Cyclocross is rough enough on your clothes, but add to it the fact that for some twisted and misunderstood reason white has become a popular color recently. Without Spray and Wash you're doomed to a brown, stained mess."
Donold Reeb - Elite Cyclocross

"I only recently had a really good bike setup done and it took minutes off my bike time. I highly recommend spending the time to professionally put yourself in the ideal position for comfort and aerodynamics. What I found from doing this is that I could get through the bike in less time with less effort and in better condition to do a faster run."
Gina Crawford - Pro Triathlete


Injury Tips:

"Help prevent injuries by getting a muscle balance assessment done. This helps assesse your weaknesses pin point areas to work on. Then you can have a gym program put together which will strengthen those weaknesses. In my case I found I had particularly weak glutes and hips, this was leading to niggles in the ankles and lower legs. Now I continually work on these areas and have not had any (touch wood) niggles since."
Gina Crawford - Pro Triathlete

"If you do get an injury or niggle don't just patch it up. Work out what has caused it, there is always a reason. If you have lower leg problems the problem most likely comes from weak hips/glutes so if you just rest and wait for it to come right it will continue to happen unless you find the root of the issue."
Gina Crawford - Pro Triathlete


Nutrition Tips:

"Plan your meals and don’t delay eating (real food!) after a workout. Pack your breakfast, lunch, etc. Organization and planning is key"
Emily Cocks - Pro Triathlete