Wheel accessories

Padded wheel bag - holds two wheels. Nylon 420D
$75.00 Buy now
Presta valve extender for deep section rims. 73mm or 51mm
$6.00 - $8.00 Buy now
For alloy and carbon rims. Choose from specific Red or Blue pads.
$24.00-$48.00 Buy now
Titanium or steel, front and rear, fits 130mm OLD
$30.00 - $59.00 Buy now
Conversion Kit
Available for Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo conversions
Gearing for single speed, White Industries specific
$95.00 Buy now
White Industries specific, 8620 case hardened steel
$47.00 Buy now
3/16" [4.76mm] with .300" OD, molded rubber handle
$15.00 Buy now

Replacement parts

Upgrade to ceramic bearings, Front and rear kits
$48.50 - $160.00 Buy Now

Replacement bearings for all Rolf Prima wheel models
$15.00 - $36.00 Buy Now

Includes - 2 front, 2 each rear side and 6 nipples
$18.00 - $28.00 Buy Now

For past and current model years.
$20.00 Buy Now

Apparel / misc.

Men's, race cut. Mesh side panels, full zip, three pocket
$90.00 Buy now
Women's, race cut, Mesh side panels, full zip, three pocket
$90.00 Buy now
Cycling shorts
Men's & Women's cut, King/Queen Canari pad
$79-99.00 Buy now
Wind vest, lightweight, windproof, full hidden zipper
$70.00 Buy now
Elastic top, Made by Canari
$35.00 Buy now
100% cotton, Men's and Women's cut
$15.00 Buy now
Grey Super Visor, 100% CoolMax Polyester
$25.00 Buy now
Aireator athletic socks made by DeFeet
$12.00 Buy now
Wooleater athletic socks made by DeFeet
$15.00 Buy now
Rolf Prima logo emporary tattoo 1 ½” x 3”.  Great for your next race or just for fun
$2.00 - pack of 5 Buy now
24oz big mouth, smoke grey with black top
$6.99 Buy now

All specifications are subject to change without notice.