Carbon TdF58 SL - 650c
The TdF58 SL is designed and reinforced for the low spoke count (14H Front, 16H Rear) and high spoke tensions, this proprietary carbon fiber rim offers superior lateral and torsional stiffness for all the power you can put into it. The 58mm deep profile combined with a narrow spoke bed significantly decreases wind drag while also minimizing rim weight. Brake sidewalls are impregnated with fiberglass for improved braking performance and durability.

Whether it's a time trial or a road race, the TdF58 SL still has pop left for the finishing sprint so all of your power goes straight into relentless forward motion.

Wheel size: 650c
Weight: 650c: 1310gm set [550gm/760gm]
Spoke count: bladed 14F/16R
Rim: 58mm deep carbon tubular
Hubset: TdF5.5 with ceramic hub shell bearings
Freehub: CNC machined Titanium - Shimano/SRAM 10/11 or
Campagnolo 10/11
Category: Road Race, Triathlon, Time Trial
Featured technology: Paired spokes, Differential Flange Diameter, Dish Reducing design™, Jacketed Nipple Design™
Upgrades available: Prima Plus and Hero
US Retail: $2,199

Hero Program
Prima Plus Programproduct accessories

includes: Rolf Prima TdF58 SL wheel systems include Titanium quick release skewers and valve extenders. Protect your wheels with a Rolf Prima double wheel bag.