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Older Rolf Wheels Branded Wheels

In early 1996, Trek Bicycle Corporation licensed Rolf’s Patented Paired Spoke Design™ technology to manufacture and distribute a line of bicycle wheels that were sold under the "Rolf Wheels" brand name. These wheels are easily identified by the name "Rolf Wheels" on the rim decal.

Models include:

  • Vector Pro
  • Vector Comp
  • Sestriere
  • Vector
  • Propel
  • Urraco
  • Dolomite
  • Satellite

These models were built by TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION and were discontinued in December, 2001 when Rolf departed Trek to form his own wheel company called ROLF PRIMA, INC. Although TREK and other companies continue to license our Paired Spoke Design™ technology, Rolf Prima Inc. is a separate entity with no affiliation with Trek. Our products can be easily identified by the brand: Rolf Prima. Rolf Prima wheels share no parts with the older, Trek-built wheels and no parts are interchangeable between the two brands. Rolf Prima CANNOT provide parts or service for "Rolf Wheels" branded wheels.

For questions, parts and service on older Rolf Wheels branded wheels, please contact Trek Bicycle Corporation at (800) 879-8735. Trek is obligated to provide warranty support for the duration of your warranty period.