Rental wheels

Want the speed of high end carbon Rolf Prima aero
wheels on race day? Hell yeah!

Have every advantage at your big race. Rolf Prima rents carbon race wheels for triathlons,  time trials and weekend touring / gran fondo cycling events. Sorry, we do not rent for road races or criteriums at this time.

We offer full carbon clincher or tubular models: Ares4, Ares6 and Ares8 all carbon clinchers or the  TdF6, TdF6SL, TdF58SL, TdF8 and Disc carbon tubulars are available. Wheel set rentals start at $150 and if you decide you want to buy the wheel set you rented, your rental cost is applied to the wheel sale.  You can also apply your rental cost towards a brand new set of the same type of wheels you rented.

** Currently rental wheels are only available for shipping within the continental US.



The Proces is easy:

Step 1: Fill out the Wheel Reservation online form with your contact info and what wheel set you are wanting to rent.

Step 2: You'll receive confirmation that the wheel set is available and the Rolf Prima Rental Agreement to sign and return.

Step 3: A week prior to your race you'll receive a shipping confirmation that the wheels are on their way. (All wheels ship with race tires, tubes, valve extenders and Rolf Prima QR's, cassettes are not provided).

Step 4: Have a stellar race day!