Nationality: USA

Hometown: Brighton, MI

First Triathlon: Paul Bunyan Half Iron Distance Triathlon

Favorite distance: Half Iron

Career highlight: 6th place amateur IM 70.3 Worlds 2010,  16th place Pro LC Duathlon World Championship, 8th place Pro IM 70.3 Augusta, 8:40 IM Arizona

Race wheels: TdF6SL, Disc

Nickname: RT

Favorite Race: IM France, Zofingen Duathlon (Switzerland), and IM 70.3 St. Croix are gorgeous but extremely difficult

Favorite place to train: Jackson Hole, WY

What I dread about race day: maybe more a fear that I might not be able to go number 2 before I race

What I always wanted to be when I grew up: professional athlete, only I thought it would pay more than this

If I was a cartoon character I would be: Road Runner, he gets to see a lot of the western states while being chased by that coyote

If I could have lunch with anyone it would be: Kate Segula

My Hero is: my grandpa Richard Baldwin 

Favorite food: my Aunt Bev's Lasagna

Strangest thing I’ve ever eaten: Pig’s ears (Madrid, Spain)

If I won the lottery: a lot of hungry people would get food, many people without clothes and shelter would be provided warmth, and there would be a lot more rain catchers built for those who need water.

Five things I would need to survive, if left alone on a deserted island: a “How to Survive on a Deserted Island Manual”.

Favorite Movie: Tombstone, Chariots of Fire, and the Toy Story Trilogy

My next vacation will be: wherever my next race is.