Own a set of Special Edition Crater Lake Blue - Vigors. ceramic coating and custom white decals for a one-of-a-kind look.

For two weeks only - we are offering a chance to own one of these Special Edition Blue Vigor wheelsets. Place your deposit today and reserve your set!

Each wheel we hand-build at Rolf Prima starts with a carefully engineered design and the best materials and custom-spec parts. Then we beat the hell out of them.

Machine testing to ensure lasting durability. Aerodynamic testing to reduce drag. Field-testing by riders who might do a quarter-mile faster-than your old Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser.

You could say we thought the process through. But it's not just the process and materials. It's the people we go to work with every day in Eugene, Oregon. 

No, we're not just wheel manufacturers. We are all cyclists. We are craftsmen. We are perfectionists. We build the best wheels in the business because we're doing what we love—both in the shop and on the road or trail.  What can we build for you?


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If you can, do! Tying in with our Built on Demand Program, we are running a limited release of the popular Vigor wheel with Crater Lake Blue rims. In-house, US-made rims, hand-built on US-made hubs, these wheels are about as American as it gets. Take your bike to the next level. A highly durable matte ceramic coating gives these paired-spoke wheels yet another way of standing out and taking it up a level. Whether you’re interested in adding a bit of color to the podium or just like riding in style, you’ll need to be fast - so place your deposit today. They’re only available until July 24th. Reserve your set today or contact your local Rolf Prima dealer to place an order!

* $250 USD is a deposit on the full amount of $1399 for the Special Edition Crater Lake Blue Vigor wheelset. Wheels will ship to your local Rolf Prima dealer, with shipments beginning August 20th. Availability is limited, only customers who have placed their deposits by July 24th, 2015 can be guaranteed a set.