Grassroots sponsorship

This is for existing teams who are looking for wheel sponsorship. It is our goal to be the wheel sponsor to any qualified team.

These should be a minimum of 3-5 members. If you are interested, talk to your teammates and get the team interested.

Sponsorship is a deal worked through Rolf Prima and your bike shop. Our goal is to link each team with their local bike shop to put together a sponsorship program that works for everyone.

To get started, please fill out and submit the form below to tell us about your team and your proposal. Our sponsorship coordinator will contact you. You may also mail your sponsorship application to us here:

Please e-mail sponsorship proposals to: or mail hard copies to:

Rolf Prima
Attn. Sponsorship Coordinator
940 Wilson St.
Eugene, OR 97402

All of us at Rolf Prima thank you for your interest in our wheels and wish you the best of success in the coming race season.

Ride on.

Sponsorship Application

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