Rolf Prima technology - Differential Flange Diameter

After more than a decade of experience building the world's fastest wheels by hand, Rolf Prima has earned its place as a leader in high performance wheel design. Being different has defined us, but the proof is in our technology and extraordinary performance.

Differential Flange Diameter™

Rolf Prima's Differential Flange Diameter Technology: Our patented oversize non-drive Differential Flange provides the leverage to transmit drive torque in the rear wheel to the non-drive spokes, thereby increasing the number of torque absorbing spokes.

Paired Spokes™
Internal Nipples
Differential Flange Diameter™
Dish Reducing Design™
Aero - Wind Tunnel Results
Delta Rim Technology™
Self-Aligning Nipple™
Jacketed Nipple Design™

Better Built:
Most bicycle wheels sold today are built using machines. For run-of-the-mill wheels this can work, but to build a truly light wheel with uniform tensions, you just can't match the skill of human hands. Every Rolf Prima wheel is carefully hand-built using a painstaking build process that enables our wheels to run true longer - without the need for constant attention or a "break-in period."

The Result:
With all of these technologies combined, Rolf Prima builds wheels with qualities once considered mutually exclusive: paired spokes, fewer spokes, lighter rims, higher spoke tensions, and great stiffness.

All Rolf Prima wheel systems are protected by one or more of the following US Patents: 5,931,544; 5,938,293; 6,024,414; 5,947,565; 6,244,667 and 6,497,042. Rolf Prima wheel systems are also protected by several foreign patents including Canadian Patent 2,136,053 and 2,187,695