Rolf Prima technology - Dish Reducing Design

After more than a decade of experience and building the world's fastest wheels by hand, Rolf Prima has earned its place as a leader in high performance wheel design. Being different has defined us, but the proof is in our technology and extraordinary performance. Dish Reducing Design technology is used on all Rolf Prima wheel models.

Dish Reducing Design™
Rolf Prima's Dish Reducing Design: This patented technology increases the bracing angle of the drive side spokes to improve wheel stiffness.

Paired Spokes™
Internal Nipples
Differential Flange Diameter™
Dish Reducing Design™
Aero - Wind Tunnel Results
Delta Rim Technology™
Self-Aligning Nipple™
Jacketed Nipple Design™

Better Built:
Most bicycle wheels sold today are built using machines. For run-of-the-mill wheels this can work, but to build a truly light wheel with uniform tensions, you just can't match the skill of human hands. Every Rolf Prima wheel is carefully hand-built using a painstaking build process that enables our wheels to run true longer - without the need for constant attention or a "break-in period."

The Result:
With all of these technologies combined, Rolf Prima builds wheels with qualities once considered mutually exclusive: paired spokes, fewer spokes, lighter rims, higher spoke tensions, and great stiffness.

All Rolf Prima wheel systems are protected by one or more of the following US Patents: 5,931,544; 5,938,293; 6,024,414; 5,947,565; 6,244,667 and 6,497,042. Rolf Prima wheel systems are also protected by several foreign patents including Canadian Patent 2,136,053 and 2,187,695